• My back pain was becoming debilitating, when I first visited Wells Family Chiro, years ago. The warm, welcoming atmosphere and good care are why I’m still coming back!

    - Sharon S.
  • "My friend had invited me to a couple breakfasts that Wells Family hosted and after learning a few things about chiropractic on top of my back causing me terrible pain, I went in to have my spine checked. I started receiving chiropractic care and now I move more easily (and I've made new friends!) Moving better for longer has made a drastic change for me. Their office makes me feel like I am being cared for by "family" and I love that!!"

    Show More - Deanna H.
  • "You are the best.  Professional and sensitive to clients needs."

    - Tarene F.
  • "It's such a blessing to have great care that is benefiting my whole family."

    - Patty B.
  • Dr. Chad is phenomenal. Genetically I suffer from chronic migraines that have affected my ability to be a mom and work as well as do normal activities. I've been going to Dr. Chad's office since March and I don't have my daily migraines, I feel fantastic! I also take my children to see him. He's wonderful!!!!! I highly recommend him.

    Show More - Erica N.
  • Chiropractic care helps you stay healthy. I always appreciate their kindness and flexibility to a moms busy schedule. God bless Tami.

    - Tami S.
  • Thanks for another great adjustment! It's been 2 years now with no headache or allergy problems. Love getting my adjustments. I also like how quickly you get in and out. I recommend you to everyone.

    - Maria C.
  • He has really helped me in my posture, he helps me heal faster, I have more energy. I totally recommend this office. He's become family to me. He's so friendly as well as his office staff.

    - Janice B.
  • A co-worker told me about Wells Family Chiropractic because I was having severe neck pain and back pain. I had digestive problems and sleep issues. Since I have been getting care my pain is almost non existent. My digestion is better, I sleep better, I even breathe better (I didnt even realize that was an issue)! I overall feel GOOD and I know if I didn't get chiropractic care my pain would be even worse then it was. My favorite thing about coming to this office is it make me feel good afte

    Show More - -Michele W.
  • "I found Wells Family Chiropractic online after researching chiropractors because my shoulder was giving me pain and I had chronic back pain. When I first started Chiropractic Care I was unable to move without pain, I could only sit in a straight back hard chair. I am not like that anymore. If I didn't start chiropractic care I would probably be unable to walk without a walker. I think that chiropractic care for the rest of my life will keep me mobile and able to continue to take care of mys

    Show More - Kay B. -

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